Medicinal plants
and food supplements

Erbamea offers more than 200 medicinal plants of which 80 certified organic, all selected and controlled, to prepare a wide variety of customized blends and satisfy all the needs of consumers.
It also offers a wide range of food supplements, in the form of vegetable capsules, tablets, concentrated fluids and sachets of soluble powder, formulated for the most diverse welfare needs, based on plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and other substances with physiological action.

A project to promote natural well-being that also includes an expansion of herbal culture, with the reprint of traditional texts and the publication of books based on the latest scientific knowledge.



A new product is added to the food supplements Idrolinea. The concentrated fluid in pack of 20 single-dose stick-pack sachets (10 ml.) containing concentrated sour cherry juice. Also designed to promote a physiological draining effect of body fluids.



The concentrated fluid, in addition to the 200 ml bottle, is enriched with a new pack of 20 single-dose stick-pack sachets. Contains dried extracts of dandelion, milk thistle, artichoke and fumaria, and concentrated peach juice and peach aroma.



For moments when it is necessary to integrate Magnesium, Erbamea proposes, in addition to the vegetable Capsules, Magnesium Complex, in single-dose tablets or sachets of soluble powder, formulated with a mix of magnesium carbonate, pidolate, citrate and marine.



Vitamins are natural nutrients essential for maintaining a proper psycho-physical balance and maintaining a state of well-being. MultiVitaminico ENERGY is a truly complete formula that contains 12 vitamins associated with Coenzyme Q10 and fruit extracts.



Modern scientific knowledge confirms that vitamin B12 contributes to the correct formation of red blood cells. It helps the normal energy metabolism of all cells, which without energy does not they could perform their innumerable functions.



Tea tree, a line of products based on essential oil of Melaleuca alternifolia: two food supplements, Tea tree organic essential oil and Tea tree tablets, and two products for external use, Tea tree purifying cream and Tea tree intimate cleanser.

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