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Erbamea chose to stand beside the Explorer, offering a wide choice of plants and supplements that can validly support their professionalism.

Over 200 herbs in herbal teas, including 69 organic herbs, herbal tea bags, hydroalcoholic extracts and organic gemmoderms, herbal capsules containing high-grade herbal extracts, active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and other physiological substances to meet the More varied demands.

A project to promote natural well-being, which also includes the expansion of herbalist culture, the reprint of traditional texts and the publication of books based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge.

Who discovered
the well-being of Erbamea,
he also discovered
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Modern scientific knowledge confirms that vitamin B12 contributes to the correct formation of red blood cells. It helps the normal energy metabolism of all cells, which without energy does not they could perform their innumerable functions.



Based on dried extract of Devil's Claw root useful to promote physiological joint function. 1 vegetable capsule contains: Devil's claw root dry extract (titrated to 20% in harpagosides) 225 mg, for an intake of as many as 45 mg of harpagosides with 1 capsule.



Devil's Claw Gel cream for the body is particularly useful for the treatment of joint areas, which gives it elasticity and well-being. Allied ideal for dynamic and always moving people, it is also perfect for relaxing massages after sports.



Olivo Press Control is an integrator that uses precious active principles of three plants useful for regular blood pressure: Olivo, Hawthorn and Salvia miltiorrhiza also known as Dan Shen, or Red Sage, is an ancient plant of Chinese folk tradition.



Balsam Fluid-Tus and Balm Sed-Tus are the two new concentrated fluids that are added to the Balsamia line, designed to help the respiratory tract, thanks to several targeted actions: balsamic, fluidifying, protective and emollient.



About the Moringa seeds, dark and round, Erbamea has also put a special interest on it. Moringa oleifera, a plant capsule supplement containing the dry extract of the seeds, is used to promote normal blood circulation and lipid metabolism.

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