Medicinal plants
and food supplements

Erbamea offers more than 200 medicinal plants of which 80 certified organic, all selected and controlled, to prepare a wide variety of customized blends and satisfy all the needs of consumers.
It also offers a wide range of food supplements, in the form of vegetable capsules, tablets, concentrated fluids and sachets of soluble powder, formulated for the most diverse welfare needs, based on plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and other substances with physiological action.

A project to promote natural well-being that also includes an expansion of herbal culture, with the reprint of traditional texts and the publication of books based on the latest scientific knowledge.



Wild Berries, Peach Dream, Wild Cherry, Next to the Fireplace: four new proposals from Erbamea in filter bags, to prepare a different infusion each time and enjoy many tasty wellness breaks.



Erbamea offers three different supplements, based on adaptogenic tonic plants from which to choose the right solution for your need for balance and well-being: Energia Più, Energia & Armonia, Energia Longevity.



Idrolinea is the line of food supplements to promote the physiological drainage of body fluids. Helps eliminate excess slag and liquids and maintain a natural lightness and balance.



With dry extracts of Scutellaria lateriflora and Escolzia it promotes relaxation and a physiological night's rest. The formula is enriched with Melatonin, which contributes to reducing the time required to sleep.



Great protection for all seasons. The products of Immunosempre are developed with the aim of supporting the natural efficiency of the immune system. An ideal strategy for adults and also specific to the needs of boys.



Cistattiva food supplements contain plants whose active ingredients have been shown to perform specific activities to preserve the well-being of the urinary tract. Cistattiva Plus now has a new, more concentrated formula.

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