Almond Oil

The almond tree, originally from Asia, was brought from Greece to Sicily by the Phoenicians. Today it is widely cultivated in the Mediterranean countries to collect precious seeds, almonds, from which a traditionally appreciated oil is obtained for its soothing, emollient and nutritional properties of the epidermis. Erbamea proposes sweet almond oil, 100% pure, obtained by cold pressure, light and non-oily texture - an extraordinary and naturally effective epidermis ally, especially if it is arid and dehydrated. A treatment that day after day makes silky and velvety the skin of the body, protects it and gives it tonicity and freshness. The delicacy of this 100% Natural Oil, without the addition of perfume, is also indicated for the most sensitive skin of the baby, easier to redden and need attention.
Even hair that is bleached and spilled, especially in Summer, due to the sapping effect of sun and salt, can regain softness and luster if regularly treated with Almond Oil.

Ingredients: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil.

Recommended prices:
125 ml 7,00 €
250 ml 11,50 €
1000 ml 28,50 €

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