For a total balance even in the winter season.

In the coldest season, it is easy for the body to be able to cope naturally with the various annoyances that characterize this period of the year, especially those that afflict respiratory system and joints.
Possible responsible for these disadvantages are above all the low atmospheric temperatures, or more simply a general body cooling, poorly tolerated by the body, especially when the temperature variation is brisk and rapid. Even the stays in closed and crowded places are not conducive to the maintenance of their physiological well-being.

A team ready to ally with the body: so many results in a unique solution.

To counteract the appearance of these problems in a natural way, Erbamea has formulated C Salice, a food supplement based on excellent functional ingredients: first of all the Salice extract, titled Salicina at 30%.
The bark's virtues of this tree have been recognized since ancient times as an effective contribution in the humid and cold season. Today the efficacy of its extracts and Salicin is supported by scientific studies and can be recommended to maintain the physiological well-being of the joint function. In the formulation of this supplement, Vitamin C (Rosa canina extract) and Zinc that contribute to the normal function of the immune system, and the Sambuco flower extract, which favors the natural sweating process, contributing to maintaining normal body temperature.

C Salice - Tablets

24 capsules in blister
Recommended Price 10,00 €

Contains: dried extracts of bark of Salice and Sambuco flowers, Vitamin C (Rosa canine extract), Zinc and essential oil of Lemon.
Each tablet contains 160 mg Vitamin C (200% RNV) and 10 mg Zinc (100% RNV).
How to use: 1 tablet per day. Take the whole tablet with a glass of water. If you are taking antiplatelet or anticoagulant medications, you should consult your doctor. Use in children and adolescents is not recommended. Product for adults.

Characteristic Ingredients Average values ​​for a daily recommended dose of 1 tablet
Dry bark extract salicone (titrated to 30% salicycline)
salicylic intake
320 mg
96 mg
Rose hip cinorrodi dry extract (titrated to 70% in vitamin C)
vitamin C intake
230 mg
160 mg (200% RNV)
Elderberry flowers dry extract (standardized to 0.3% in total flavonoids expressed as isoquercitroside)
flavonoid intake

100 mg
0,3 mg
Zinc Gluconate
80 mg
10 mg (100% RNV)
Lemon rinds essential oil 10 mg

RNV: Reference daily nutritional values (adults) according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.

Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


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