Dr. Fausto Mearelli, during one of the frequent excursions with herbalists in the Umbrian hills, organized to discover medicinal plants in their habitat.
ERBAMEA is an innovative reality in the world of herbal medicine and has been able to blend the value of tradition with the most established scientific methodologies. A quality doubly guaranteed by the experience of L'Erbolario - with its evolved research, the excellence of its labs, the passion for nature - that ERBAMEA marries with the expertise of an authoritative specialist, Dr. Fausto Mearelli. Graduated in Pharmacy, he also obtained a university degree in Herbalist and Cosmetology and Phytocosmistry. He has also been a technical director for phytotherapy and phytocosmistry in herbal and lecturer companies for over ten years during herbal medicine at the University of Padua.
He has worked as an expert in plant drugs at the creation of the X Italian Pharmacopoeia and is the author or co-author of some of the most significant and fundamental texts in the field of herbal medicine.
ERBAMEA has put its roots in the unspoilt and unspoiled Alta Valtiberina, Umbria, whose particular geographic conformation - from the valley floor to 1000 meters of altitude - offers a very varied spontaneous flora. In this area with an ancient agricultural vocation, many officinal herbs are also grown and collected spontaneously.
With her supplements and herbs, ERBAMEA helps to protect and preserve the physiological balance of the body, alongside the choices of each of us in becoming the protagonist of our well-being.

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