A beneficial refreshing pleasure

It is a very common phenomenon to experience the feeling of having a breath not always fresh and scented as you would like. There may be a number of reasons: food residue between the teeth, not properly removed with daily oral hygiene practices, dental problems, but also more simply the consumption of garlic, onions and spices, rich in odorous and volatile substances. You are absorbed, come back from the lungs with the air we expose.
Certainly not contribute to a smoky breath, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and sometimes the intake of certain drugs that cause dry mouth; While it is more than ever evident that favoring a physiological digestive function is a positive choice. So it's best to avoid fasting, choose a varied and balanced diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables, and consume plenty of water.
Proper dental hygiene and periodic dentist visits help surely endure this discomfort.
In addition, here's a good news for those who want to keep a really "fit" breath: Erbamea has chosen to form chewable tablets containing Menthol and precious Essential Oils.

Alito Fresco - Chewable tablets with sweeteners

30 tablets chewable in blisters
Recommended Price 7,00 €

From Erbamea, a tablet supplement with a deliciously aromatic, deliciously aromatic taste, based on essential oil of Mint Piperita, which contributes to a physiological digestive function, refreshing and smelling the breath, in combination with essential oils of star anise and cardamom, Menthol and Honey.

Contains: Essential oils of: Peppermint leaves, star anise fruits and Cardamom seeds, Menthol, Honey, Arab gum. Edward: Sorbitol, Xylitol and Sucralose.
How to use: Slowly dissolve 2 or 3 tablets daily in your mouth, depending on your need. Contains sweeteners: Excessive consumption can have laxative effects.

Characteristic Ingredients Average values ​​for the maximum recommended daily dose of 3 tablets
Peppermint leaves essential oil 18 mg
Essential Oil of Cardamom Seeds 9 mg
Essential oil of star anise fruit 2,1 mg
Menthol 24 mg
Honey 750 mg

Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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