... and the body responds to stimuli with a peaceful well-being.

In everyday life, it comes into contact with agents and substances to which the response of the body is particularly reactive. There are many stimuli present in the outer environment, such as pollen in the spring season, but also the dust and the hair of domestic animals daily, which, in predetermined subjects, can contribute to inducing an unpleasant and unpleasant reaction capable of putting Hardness tests physiological well-being.
In such cases, it is necessary to rebalance the balance.

Wellbeing alert!

Nature is once again giving a valuable contribution to the well-being of the body, thanks to Allerbe, a product born from the Erbamea Research. A food supplement made from plants of great and renowned use in ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine, Perilla frutescens and Scutellaria baicalensis, useful in helping the natural defenses of the organism.

Allerbe - Vegetable capsules

24 capsules in blisters
Recommended Price 10,00 €

Contains: dried extracts of Perilla and Scutellaria, which promote the functionality of the natural defenses of the body. Quercetin and a rich orange extract of Bioflavonoids complete the formulation.
How to use: Take 1 or 2 capsules per day if necessary.

Characteristic Ingredients Average values ​​for maximum daily recommended dose of 2 capsules
Perilla leaves extracted dry (titrated to 2.5% in total polyphenols)
polyphenol intake
300 mg
7,5 mg
Scutellaria dry extract root (titrated at 30% in baicaleina)
baicalin intake
300 mg
90 mg
Orange fruit dry extract (60% titrated in total bioflavonoids expressed as hesperidin)
bioflavonoids intake
200 mg
120 mg
Quercetin 100 mg

Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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