More natural. Less space for cellulite skin blemishes.

It is a widespread problem and there is no woman who does not want to discover the most targeted tactic to see the blemishes of cellulite disappear when the thighs, hips, buttocks and sometimes the arms of the thigh are dim, losing homogeneity and compactness.
There are many factors that determine the appearance of skin "orange peel".
The trend towards fat accumulation and the loss of tone of age-related tissues are important elements, which can be added to the lack of choice of a healthy lifestyle and an uneven and balanced diet.
Excessive sedentation, smoking, keeping wrong body positions during study or work and the habit of wearing too tight clothes or uncomfortable shoes can in fact help create a favorable ground for this problem.

Ananas Cell line.

Erbamea has formulated the Ananas Cell line of dietary supplements using the excellent virtues of Ananas fruit, focusing specifically on the specific qualities of the dry extract of Centella, useful to counteract cellulite blemishes.
Complete formulations include a pool of active ingredient ingredients such as the Blueberry Berry Extract, which promotes the physiological function of microcirculation, giving relief to heavy legs, along with Green Tea, Black Currant, Birch, Spirea, Dandelion, Golden vertex and Karkadè, which are used to perform a draining action of bodily fluids and proanthocyanid-rich grape seeds (OPC).
In addition, this line of specialties also represents the ideal complement to cosmetic treatments.

Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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