From the hive a natural ingredient for total well-being.

In hive, there is no richer and more valuable food than the Royal jelly. Produced by nursing bees, through the transformation of pollen, it is chosen as nourishment for the first three days of development of all larvae, but it is destined to feed for the rest of the life only the queen bee, which thanks to this noble nourishing has Which is an extraordinary growth and can live up to five years, unlike the dungeons, whose life lasts three months, and the workers who do not exceed forty-five days. It is therefore evident that the Royal jelly contains excellent elements for the life and well-being of the organism.
It is a white-yellowish, semifluorous and characteristic sweet and acidic flavor, rich in precious components and free of side effects, suitable for all ages, for young people, for those who study, for athletes and Even for the elderly.
The presence of 10-hydroxidecenoic acid is an index of the degree of freshness and biological power of the royal jelly, and is an important parameter to determine whether this ingredient has been preserved properly. The concentration of this organic acid is in fact maximum during the process of processing into the pharyngitis glands of the nutmeg and decreases as time passes.

Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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