Double strength to regain vitality and relaxation.

The pleasure of feeling well depends on the proper performance of all the metabolic functions of our body, an activity that requires a balanced supply of nutrients and small, but indispensable amounts of mineral salts every day. In fact, they regulate most physiological processes defending our well-being.

The two protagonists are champions of well-being.

Magnesium and Potassium play a leading role in carrying out the main vital functions. Our body counts on the contribution of Potassium to maintain the efficiency of muscular and nervous system functions and to maintain correct blood pressure values.
Magnesium activates over 300 enzymes that regulate the most important metabolic activities and is essential to support normal energy metabolism, for the production of energy, which all cells need. It is also a precious mineral for athletes and for those who work physically, because it contributes to electrolyte balance and reduced fatigue and fatigue.
For support in moments of fatigue and stress, or when devoting themselves to their hobbies and splashing heavily and muscles work harder, it is very helpful to intervene in these mineral salts.

To feel good, two is better!

Because Magnesium is part of chlorophyll, green leafy vegetables are rich in this mineral, as well as almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, nuts, whole grains, dried legumes and bitter cocoa. Among the waters, those "hard" contain more Magnesium. The main sources of potassium are fruit and vegetables: like potatoes, bananas, artichokes, spinach, orange juice and raisins for example. There are numerous foods that contain these mineral salts, but sometimes uncoordinated and balanced food choices or too restrictive diets may not provide an optimum supply of these minerals.
The effective response of Erbamea is a unique and complete formula, doubly advisable, as it contains both of these elements: Magnesium & Potassium. And what momentum in the event of intense physical activity!

Magnesium & Potassium - Tablets

24 tablets in blister
Recommended price 8,80 €

It contains 670 mg of dipotassium phosphate (15% potassium NRV) and 93.75 mg of magnesium oxide (15% magnesium NRV) in each tablet, along with a mix of fruit and vegetable juices and extracts: Orange, Red Cranberry American (Cranberry), Blueberry, Acerola, Carrot, Spinach, Red Beet and Pumpkin.
How to use: 2 tablets a day, preferably meals. Take full tablets with a glass of water.

Characteristic Ingredients Average values for a recommended daily dose of 2 tablets
Dipotassium phosphate
potassium intake
1340 mg
600 mg (30% NRV)
Magnesium Oxide
magnesium intake
187,5 mg
112,5 mg (30% NRV)
Juices and extracts of fruit and vegetables 200 mg

NRV: daily nutrient reference values (adults) according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.

Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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