A precious ally of our well-being.

Today we all want to keep a fit physician, who lives serenely over the years, remaining active and vital. Well being is mainly from within and above all by proper nutrition. Eating fruits and vegetables every day, choosing foods in a balanced and varied way, doing some physical activity and avoiding bad habits like smoking are some ways to resist active signs of time.
Today, however, it is also possible to integrate the daily diet with a valuable ally, the Lycopene.
Lycopene is a member of the family of carotenoids, a responsible red, in nature nature, of the inviting aspect not only of fruits such as watermelon, apricots, pink grapefruit and papaya, but also vegetables such as tomatoes.
The red ripe tomato is surely the most important natural source of this precious substance, and for this reason, Erbamea has formulated a tomato-based lycopene supplement containing a constant amount of this very useful active ingredient.

Licopene - vegetable Capsules

24 capsules in blister
Reccomended price 14,00 €

Contains: Microencapsulated lycopene extracted from ripe red tomato.
How to use: Take 1 capsule a day, at the main meal.

Characteristic Ingredients Average values for a recommended daily dose of 1 capsule
Lycopene from red Tomato 10 mg

Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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