Arnica, Calendula, Aloe: nature activates its forces
... and Erbamea concentrates them in three bioecopreparations of targeted action, meeting specific needs.

Arnica Cream, Calendula Cream and Aloe Gel are cosmetics guaranteed by the Eco Bio Cosmesi ICEA certification and contain only fragrances and fragrances from the Eco Bio Cosmesi ICEA Discipline. The products have also been tested at the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy at the University of Pavia, on healthy volunteers, to verify their safety, hypoallergenicity, effectiveness and likelihood.

Monitoring of 7 metal * content to minimize the risk of allergy and thus safeguard the most sensitive skin.
Each batch of production is strictly controlled to ensure that each metal content is less than 0.00005% (instrumental detection limit).
* Nickel, Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Antimony and Chrome.

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