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F. Mearelli, L. Corsi, L. Tarducci, D. Villa, A. Giogli, A. Mearelli - ERBAMEA INDEX PLANTARUM
EDITION ERBAMEA. Pages 1260 - I Edition September 2019
first reprint May 2020
Price: 50,00 €

Pure botanists are constantly changing the names of plants, and they often disagree with each other. Their studies periodically lead them to move plants from one species to another, from one genus to another and even from one family to another; but the strictly scientific botanical nomenclature is one thing, another is that to be used in the pharmacopoeias or in the practical use of the herbalist, the pharmacist or the doctor.
Some base their systematics on the morphology of the plants, others on their content in active principles, or on the genetic origins or the ultramicroscopic structure: an indescribable confusion arises in which the same specialists often do not know how to extricate themselves.
And if for botanical names there are conflicting positions, as regards the vulgar names we find ourselves immersed in a real jungle. Erbamea Index Plantarum is a work conceived some years ago with a specific purpose: to try to make a contribution to put as much order as possible in a vast, almost boundless world, like the names of medicinal plants.
A volume that could therefore represent a point of reference in the panorama of sector publications on the Italian territory for scholars, or even just lovers, of medicinal plants, for herbalists and for those who deal with regulatory aspects.
The authors hope is that this book will be recognized over time, as one of the most useful and practical Italian texts to consult on the names of plants.
It is composed of 750 plant cards, which constitute the second part of the book, which can be consulted by referring to a very broad index, which represents the first part of the text.
The index shows all the scientific names of the treated plants, their synonyms, the common names, dialectal Italian and of the various countries of the world: next to each name appears a number that coincides with that of a card present in the second part of the book.
Each card is therefore numbered, and corresponds to a single medicinal plant, and, inside it you can find: the main botanical name, the family to which it belongs, the most used Italian vernacular name and, subsequently, the list of synonyms botanists, the list of vulgar names divided by abbreviations of the various countries of the world (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania), the used parts of the plant, the internal, external and cosmetic properties, and, in some cases, even notes that report other news and curiosities.

EDIZIONI ERBAMEA. Pages 544 - First Edition June 2016

It's a handy, quick-to-read text that contains not only basic information about a medicinal plant and its uses, but also a series of curiosities, suggestions and tips for more research.
There are 223 leaflets in alphabetical order. There are, of course, "all" medicinal plants, but besides the most significant of our herbal tradition there are also those typical of traditional medicine in other countries, some now of international use and others still little known and with potential to be discovered . For each plant, in addition to its properties and indications, not all preparations are deliberately reported, but only the "just prepared", that is, those that the author thinks useful to extract the active principles attributed to the therapeutic activity of the plant, Beyond of course at the "right dose".
The Commission and Germany were taken as a reference for preparations and dosages of plants belonging to Western tradition, for Chinese and Indian plants referenced to their respective Official Pharmacopoeia.
Contraindications, side effects and drug interactions are also reported when known, because their knowledge is a very important and not negligible modern problem.
The book is accompanied by a rich bibliography, which is necessary for any insights that the reader will find useful.

EDIZIONI ERBAMEA. Pages 400 – First Edition February 2012

Authors have drawn on from their scientific studies, from upgrades and years of work experience, as well as from herbalist tradition, to build a true manual, which in 50 large cards takes into account the most common discomforts that can affect the well-being . Each voice is explicated in a simple and exhaustive manner, according to a precise pattern: at the beginning a brief description of the disorder, then a section dedicated to the way conventional medicine generally addresses the problem, so the part, for broader choice, is reserved How it can be done by using plants and supplements, and in the end, many nutrition and lifestyle advice. There are numerous annotations out of text with different inspiration, in-depth tables, answers to some common questions, recipes from herbalist tradition and other curiosities. Expand the bibliography dedicated to those who want to read more about the topics discussed.

Utilizzo nel trattamento della depressione lieve e moderata.
EDIZIONI ERBAMEA. Pages 39 - First Edition April 2010

A valuable source of reference for those who work in the health sector and for those who are interested in medicinal plants and their use.
In the beginning it describes the plant of the Early Age, its cultivation and spontaneous collection and the main components. Next is a review of the use of the ancient antiquity to date and an illustration of its traditional use in popular medicine.
The second part is instead completely devoted to the ancient and its most important present use, that in the Treatment of mild and moderate depression.
The text contains the most up-to-date information available in the scientific literature on Plant Action Modes, Clinical Trials, Safety and Drug Interactions.

EDIZIONI ERBAMEA. Pages 224 - I January 2020 edition
Cover price € 15.00

Designed to provide fans of medicinal plants with a practical, easy and quick reference tool, which illustrates the different possibilities offered by plants to maintain healthy well-being.
It consists of four chapters which respectively contain 152 cards of medicinal plants, 44 cards of essential oils, the buds derived from them with their possible associations and some suggestions of treatment schemes, and a recipe book for the preparation of herbal teas.

Ricettario completo di erbe medicinali
EDIZIONI ERBAMEA. Pages 729 - Year of publication 1958, anastatic reprint 2005

It is a manual that is not intended for a simple reader but is also designed for practitioners in the field of phytotherapy.
In the first part of the volume are listed the disorders, and thereafter, about 4500 recipes are provided for Their treatment. Following is the systematic pooling of 312 medicinal herbs, according to their properties, complete with black and white illustrations. The third part is devoted to the preparation of oils, syrups and dyes.

Botanica, chimica, farmacodinamica, terapia
EDIZIONI ERBAMEA. Pages 838 - Year of publication 1964, anastatic reprint 2006

It is a work featuring 589 monographs of medicinal plants of the Italian flora, among which there are rare wild orchids, lichens and algae, alongside the well-known ones.
Each card, complete with a detailed plan of the plant, Provides precise information on its habitat and botanical characters.
The parts used in herbal medicine, chemical composition, pharmacodynamic activity, therapeutic use and posology are also indicated. The last section of the book is entirely devoted to a series of indexes that list all plants by botanical name, generic name, Italian dialect (divided by regions), French, English, German and Spanish.

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