Infusions of Organic Officinal Plants in sachets

Lime Organic

Pack of 20 single-dose filter bags of 1,5 g

The lime tree, big and long-lived, fills the air at the beginning of the summer, with the strong scent of its flowers and enriches, with its majestic hairs, parks and avenues of our cities.
Its name comes from the Greek "ptilon", which means "wing", and refers to the characteristic leafy brattea that protects the inflorescence and facilitates the spread of fruits by the wind. With Tiglio flowers and bratts, you can prepare an infusing sweet and intense aroma, pleasant to drink and suitable for all moments where you want to give yourself a real moment of relaxation.

Organic lime (Tilia platyphyllos Scop.) Flowers and bratts 100%.

How to use:
1 pack in infusion for 5-8 minutes in 1 cup boiling water.

Recommended Price:
€ 6,50.

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