The officinal plants

ERBAMEA proposes more than two hundred and fifty officinal plants, of which over ninety obtained from Organic Farming. Some come from organic crops, others from spontaneous crops or crops in Italy, Europe and other non-European countries. All are always carefully selected and checked. Spontaneous and cultivated herbs that experience and expertise allow to combine in the preparation of personalized herbal teas, created to meet any need. The ancient tradition of infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants prepared with water confirms its validity in the light of current scientific knowledge.

Officinal Plants List

Achillea Organic flowers puri
Agar Agar powder
Agrimonia Organic aerial parts t.t.
Alchemilla sommità t.t.
Alloro leaves t.t.
Altea Organic leaves t.t.
Altea root decorticata t.t.
Amamelide leaves t.t.
Angelica root t.t.
Anice composto (vedi powder d'Oriente)
Anice Stellato fruits interi
Anice Stellato fruits t.t.
Anice Verde Organic fruits
Anice verde fruits
Arancio Amaro flowers petali flowers
Arancio Amaro scorze t.t.
Arancio Dolce flowers petali flowers
Arancio Dolce scorze t.t.
Aronia Organic fruits
Artemisia sommità t.t.
Artiglio del Diavolo Organic root t.t.
Asparago root e rhizome t.t.
Assenzio Romano flowering tops t.t.
Astragalo root t.t.
Bardana Organic root t.t.
Betulla Organic leaves t.t.
Biancospino leaves e flowers
Biancospino flowers puri
Boldo leaves t.t.
Borsa del pastore flowering tops t.t.
Calendula Organic capolini interi
Camomilla Organic flowers extra
Camomilla flowers extra
Camomilla flowers I qualità
Camomilla setacciata
Camomilla Romana flowers
Cannella Ceylon corteccia intera 25 cm
Cannella Ceylon Organic corteccia powder
Carciofo leaves t.t.
Cardamomo green fruits
Cardo Mariano Organic fruits
Cartamo flowers
Carvi Organic fruits
Cascara corteccia t.t.
Centaurea Minore flowering tops t.t.
Centella aerial parts t.t.
Chia Organic seeds
China Rossa corteccia t.t.
Cicoria root t.t.
Combreto leaves t.t.
Coriandolo Organic fruits
Cranberry (Mirtillo rosso americano) candito Organic
Cranberry (Mirtillo rosso americano) candito
Cumino fruits
Cumino dei prati (vedi Carvi)
Curcuma Organic rhizome t.t.
Curcuma rhizome t.t.
Curcuma Organic rhizome powder
 Curry Organic powder
Damiana leaves t.t.
Echinacea Purpurea Organic flowering tops t.t.
Echinacea Pallida root t.t.
Edera leaves t.t.
Elicriso Italico Organic flowering tops t.t.
Elicriso Stoechas flowers
Enula Campana root t.t.
Epilobio flowering tops t.t.
Equiseto fusti sterili t.t.
Equiseto fusti sterili powder
Erba della paura pianta intera flowers t.t. 
Erba di grano Organic giovani leaves powder
Erica flowers
Erisimo sommità t.t.
 Escolzia Organic flowering tops t.t.
Eucalipto Organic leaves t.t.
Eufrasia flowering tops t.t.
Fagiolo baccelli senza seeds t.t.
Fico d'India flowers t.t.
Fieno greco seeds
Fieno greco seeds flour

Finocchio Organic fruits
Finocchio fruits
Fiordaliso flowers
Frangola Organic corteccia invecchiata 2 anni t.t.
Frassino leaves t.t.
Fucus tallo t.t.
Fucus tallo powder
Fumaria flowering tops t.t.
Galega flowering tops t.t.
Garofano Organic gemme floreali
Genziana Organic root t.t.
Ginepro Organic bacche
Ginkgo leaves t.t.
Ginseng root powder
Ginseng Bianco root intera
Girasole Organic seeds sgusciati
Goji fruits
Goji Organic fruits
Gramigna Organic rhizome t.t.
Gramigna rhizome t.t.
Guaranà seeds powder
Incenso extra resin grains
Inulina da Cicoria root powder
Iperico flowering tops
Ispagul (see Psillio cuticola)
Issopo Organic flowers e leaves
Karkadè Organic flowers interi extra
Karkadè Organic flowers t.t.
Lamio Bianco Organic sommità
Lampone Organic leaves t.t.
Lavanda Organic flowers extra
Lavanda flowers extra
Lichene Islandico tallo
Lino Organic seeds
Lino seeds flour
Liquirizia Organic root t.t.
Liquirizia root t.t.
Liquirizia root fascetti
Liquirizia Spezzatina pure juice
Liquirizia Spezzatina pure citrus juice
 Liquirizia Spezzatina Organic pure aniseed juice
Liquirizia Composta powder
Liquirizia Composta without sugar powder
Luppolo flowers
Maca Organic root t.t.
Maca Organic root powder
Macis (arillo di Noce moscata)
Maggiorana leaves monde
Mais stimmi t.t.
Malva Organic leaves e flowers extra t.t.
Malva leaves e flowers extra t.t.
Malva flowers pure
Manna see Mannite da fruttosio
Mannite da Fruttosio cannoli
Mannite da Fruttosio powder
Marrubio flowering tops t.t.
Matè Organic leaves t.t.
Meliloto flowering tops t.t.
Melissa Organic leaves pure
 Melissa Organic summit leaves t.t.
Menta Dolce Organic leaves t.t.
Menta Piperita Organic leaves t.t.
 Menta piperita Organic tops t.t.
Mirra resina grani interi
Mirtillo blu candito
Mirtillo nero gigante bacche
Mirtillo nero Organic bacche
Mirtillo nero bacche
Mirtillo nero leaves t.t.
Mirto leaves t.t.
Noce leaves t.t.
Noce mallo powder
Noce Moscata seeds
Olivo leaves t.t.
Olivo Organic leaves t.t.
Ononide root t.t.
Origano Organic leaves extra
Orthosiphon leaves t.t.
Ortica Organic leaves t.t.
Ortica Organic root t.t.
Ortica Bianca see Lamio bianco
Orzo Mondo fruits
Papavero petali t.t.
Papavero Organic seeds blu

Papaya candita cubetti
Parietaria sommità t.t.
Passiflora Organic aerial part fogliuta t.t.
Passiflora aerial part fogliuta t.t.
Pepe Bianco fruits
Pepe Nero fruits
Pepe Rosa fruits
Pepe Verde fruits
Peperoncino fruits interi
Peperoncino fruits powder
Piantaggine Organic leaves t.t.
Pilosella aerial parts t.t.
Pino Organic gemme
Poligala root t.t.
Polline milleflowers (Italiano) Organic grani
Polline milleflowers (Spagnolo) grani
powder d'Oriente
Primula flowers
Psillio Bianco cuticola scaglie
Psillio Bianco cuticola powder
Psillio Organic seeds neri lucenti
Psillio seeds neri lucenti
Quercia Organic corteccia t.t.
Quinoa Bianca Organic seeds
Rabarbaro Cinese rhizome t.t.
Ribes Nero leaves t.t.
Rooibos Tea (Thè rosso) sprigs t.t.
Rosa Canina Organic cinorrodi senza seeds t.t.
Rosa Moscata boccioli interi
Rosmarino Organic leaves
Rusco rhizome and roots t.t.
Salice Organic corteccia t.t.
Salsapariglia root t.t.
Salvia Officinale Organic leaves extra t.t.
Sambuco flowers sgranati
Sambuco Organic flowers sgranati
Santoreggia Montana leaves
Saponaria root t.t.
Senape Nera flour
Senna Organic leaves t.t.
Senna follicles t.t.
Senna whole follicles
Sesamo Organic seeds decorticati
Spaccapietre aerial parts t.t.
Spirea Olmaria Organic aerial parts t.t.
Spirulina Organic tallo powder
Tarassaco root t.t.
Tarassaco Organic root t.t.
 Tarassaco Organic leaves t.t.
Thè Erbamea taglio granetta
Thè Rosso vedi Rooibos Tea
Tiglio alburno t.t.
Tiglio Organic flowers con brattea t.t.
Tiglio flowers con brattea t.t.
Timo Serpillo Organic aerial part
Timo Serpillo aerial part
Timo Volgare Organic leaves
Timo Volgare leaves
Uva ursina leaves t.t.
Valeriana Organic rhizome and roots t.t.
Vaniglia whole pods
Verbasco flowers
Verbena Odorosa leaves t.t.
Verbena Odorosa Organic leaves t.t.
Verbena Officinale Organic sommità t.t.
 Verga d'oro Organic flowering tops t.t.
Viola tricolor flowery aerial parts t.t.
Vischio Organic leaves e rametti t.t.
Vite rossa Organic leaves t.t.
Zafferano stimmi wholes
Zenzero rhizome whole
Zenzero rhizome t.t.
Zenzero Organic rhizome t.t.
Zenzero Organic rhizome powder
Zenzero rhizome powder
Zenzero candito cubetti Organic
Zenzero candito cubetti Black Organic
Zenzero candito cubetti
Zucca Organic seeds senza guscio

t.t. = herbal tea cut

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