Hydroalcoholic extracts

ERBAMEA offers 28 hydrocolloid extracts in a pack of 50 ml, with an optimum 1: 5 extraction ratio between plant and alcohol. Of these extracts, 23 are certified organic, because they are made with fresh organic plant and organic organic plants; The others are prepared with dried, spontaneous or cultivated plants, accurately selected and controlled.
For extraction only the "active part" of each medicinal plant is used, as indicated by the herbal tradition, also choosing the most appropriate alcohol level to obtain rich extract of active ingredients.

Recommended Price: 10,00 €

List of Hydroalcoholic Extracts

Agnocasto (fruits)
Devil's claw (root)
Bardana (root) Organic
Birch (leaves) Organic
Hawthorn (leaves and flowers) Organic
Calendula (flowering tops) Organic
Artichoke (leaves) Organic
Cardo mariano (fruits) Organic
Centella (aerial parts)
Echinacea angustifolia (root) Organic

Eleuterococco (root)
Equiseto (aerial parts) Organic
Erisimo (aerial parts) Organic
Escolzia (aerial parts) Organic
Fucus (tallo)
Ginkgo (leaves) Organic
Gramigna (rhizome) Organic
Horse chestnut (bark) Organic
Melissa (flowering tops) Organic
Blueberry (fruits) Organic

Passionflower (leaves) Organic
Pilosella (flowering aerial parts) Organic
Blackcurrant (leaves) Organic
Sage (leaves) Organic
Dandelion (whole plant) Organic
Lime (flowers and bracts) Organic
Uva ursina (leaves) Organic
Valerian (rhizome and roots) Organic

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