Fruit Infusions

Erbamea has prepared 10 delicious infusions, all to be sampled; Great hot, cool cool in the summer, as refreshing.
EExquisitely natural, they are an excellent drink, fruity aroma, ideal for everyone, any time of the day, to enjoy pleasant breaks of well-being.

Index Fruit infusions

Accanto al camino
Apple, Karkadè flowers, Rose hips, Almonds, Cinnamon bark, Rooibos sprigs, natural flavors, natural vanilla extract.

Karkadè flowers, Rose hips, Apple, Raisins, Black currant fruits, Cornflower flowers, Flavors.

Pineapple and Cocco
Karkadè flowers, Rose hips, Apple, Pineapple (pineapple, sugar, citric acid) 8.8%, Coconut 4.9%, Flavorings.

Red Orange
Apple, Karkadè flowers, Rosehip rose hips, Sweet orange peel 3%, Aromas, Safflower flowers.

Banana and Caramel
Apple, Karkadè flowers, Banana (banana, rice flour) 14.6%, Rose hips, Caramel 4.9%, Flavorings.

Wild Cherry
Karkadè flowers, Rose hips, Apple, Raisins, Sour cherry fruits 9.7%, Aromas.

Strawberry and Kiwi
Apple, Rose hips, Karkadè flowers, Flavors, Kiwi 0.9%, Strawberry 0.9%.

Karkadè flowers, raisins, elderberries berries 25.9%, flavors, black currant fruits 2.8%, Blueberry fruits 1.4%.

Peach dream
Apple, Pineapple (pineapple, sugar, citric acid), Rose hips, Peach 9.7% (peach 9.6%, rice flour), Flavorings, Sunflower petals, Green tea leaves, Myrtle-Lemon (Backhousia citriodora) leaves.

Karkadè flowers, Raisins, Rose hips, Pineapples (pineapples, sugar, citric acid) 15.8%, Papaya (papaya, sugar, citric acid) 4.7%, Orange peel, Mango, (mango, sugar, citric acid) 2.8%, Flavorings.

They may contain traces of Walnuts and Almonds.

Great to drink, easy to prepare

Bring to a boil, in a bowl, the amount of water (preferably less limestone or oligomineral) required for the infusion cups you want to prepare: 1 cup of tea contains about 150 ml of water. Turn off the flame, put the infusion into the fruit you like: 2-3 g for each cup, and mix well. It is recommended to cover the container to avoid dispersing the most volatile and scented substances. Let it infuse for 3-5 minutes and run. The infusion obtained can be sweetened to taste with sugar or honey and drunk hot or cold.

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