Do the "cleaning"...... Not just in spring

Puradren &
Puradren Plus
Purification, drainage and microcirculation

Protection with a capital C

Vitamin C - 1000 mg

With Vitamin C from Rose hip extract
and L-ascorbic acid

For oral hygiene and wellbeing

Propoli Titolata Spray

With Balsamic Herbs

Propolis and Acerola candies

Propolis and Honey Lollipop Bears

Natural support and energy for all

With Vitamin B6 and Inulin

Bones give thanks
and the organism preserves
its well-being

Beauty and Wellness

The right solution
for every need

For total well-being
away from the discomfort of the winter season

With extracts of Willow and Elderberry, Vitamin C and Zinc

Well-being objective:
control of lipid metabolism

New herbal infusions
in filter sachets

Mint and Liquorice
Cocoa and Chilli

Green energy

The pleasure
of regeneration

More natural effectiveness.
Less cellulite skin imperfections

Medicinal plants and food supplements
Erbamea offers more than 200 medicinal plants of which 80 certified organic, all selected and controlled, to prepare a wide variety of customized blends and satisfy all the needs of consumers.
It also offers a wide range of food supplements, in the form of vegetable capsules, tablets, concentrated fluids and sachets of soluble powder, formulated for the most diverse welfare needs, based on plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and other substances with physiological action.

A project to promote natural well-being that also includes an expansion of herbal culture, with the reprint of traditional texts and the publication of books based on the latest scientific knowledge.




Two new products that promote the body's purifying functions, the drainage of body fluids and help the functionality of the venous circulation and microcirculation.




Vitamin K2 tablets produced by bacterial fermentation of chickpea flour. Also suitable for vegans, which in combination with a proper diet can be useful when following controlled diets or when ageing.




ImageNatural joint health
Less fluid and loose movements? Feeling of annoying joint impediment? Erbamea offers two differently formulated products to satisfy every need. REUMALIEVE DOL tablets and REUMALIEVE FLEX tablets



Erbamea has formulated the Ananas Cell line of dietary supplements using the excellent virtues of Ananas fruit, focusing specifically on the specific qualities of the dry extract of Centella, useful to counteract cellulite blemishes.



With the Artiglio extract, associated with those of Incense, Ginger and Chilli and 18 essential oils, Erbamea has formulated a gel cream that is particularly useful for the skin treatment of the joint areas, to which it gives elasticity and well-being.
An ally of dynamic people who are always on the move, it is also perfect for relaxing massages after sporting activity.


VITAMINA C 1000 mg


ImageThe benefits of Vitamin C are truly countless: scientific studies show more properties than we can imagine. This is precisely why it is very important that our diet is always varied and balanced and rich in fruit and vegetables, to ensure a proper intake of this vitamin, which the human organism cannot produce, but which is an exceptional ally for well-being.

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