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QUALITY BEFORE ALL! Erbamea chooses the best raw materials and carefully monitors every aspect of the production activity to ensure that the products and services offered are always meeting high quality standards.
There is no civilization that at any time has not recognized and appreciated the value of the beneficial properties of the plants. Even nowadays, the need to provide the body with a more natural and well-balanced physiology and balance is particularly felt and widespread, utilizing the virtues of the active principles that make us available to nature. They are infusion plants and decoctions and supplements to offer this opportunity. Many of us already know and use these products, but it is not always easy to navigate among the many proposals and choose the most targeted ones for your needs. This site is dedicated to each of us and expresses the commitment of ERBAMEA to guide us in researching and accurately selecting quality plants and supplements formulated by selecting and combining the best ingredients Based on the most modern scientific knowledge, without however neglecting the importance of their traditional use. With the certainty that those who discover their value and rely on their effectiveness, no longer want to give up the pleasure of taking care of their well-being.

Erbamea considers Quality a key element; therefore, it not only selects the best raw materials but carefully monitors all aspects of the production activity to ensure that the products and services offered are constantly meeting high quality standards. Continuous research and a thorough scientific update, coupled with our commitment and a solid collaboration with accredited laboratory laboratories, allows us to propose products that are not only effective in assisting the physiological functions of the body and maintaining a natural well-being but also being safe. The particular focus we have on consumer demands, and respect for those who make food choices such as vegetarians, has led us to use only capsules of vegetable origin, though more expensive than those of food derived animal jelly.
A further step was to ensure that our products can be consumed with tranquility even by people who are intolerant to gluten. So although we have always used ingredients that do not contain gluten, we wanted to exclude any accidental risk of "cross contamination" throughout the production chain. To accomplish this project, we have put in place additional procedures for our self-control plan (HACCP), which require the quality control industry to continue to conduct specific analyzes to find any traces of gluten before proceeding with product marketing authorization market.

All this work allows us to make sure that the residual gluten content is always lower than 20 mg / kg (20 ppm) at the end of the checks, ie at the maximum limit laid down in European Regulation no. 828/2014 (CE) for current use foods "gluten-free" and therefore suitable for celiac diseases. The guarantee of all the checks will be on the packaging of our products a label bearing the words: WITHOUT GLUTINE / GLUTEN FREE.

NOTE: supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and must be used in the context of a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose and keep out of reach of children under three years. Follow any warnings on the packaging. Before any use, we recommend supervision of the doctor in children, pregnant and lactating women, in subjects over 65 years and for those who have pathologies or take drugs.

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