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The tradition of a millennial wisdom, coupled with the most advanced scientific technique, is the strengths of a great reality: ERBAMEA.
The interest in medicinal plants is as ancient as man and their use as "medicament" has accompanied him over the centuries.
Documents of more than 3000 years a.C. Attest to the use of healthy plants for Chinese, Egyptians and Indians; And, later, the same Greek and Latin civilizations have preached the renown of renowned doctors and naturalists such as Hippocrates, Teofrasto, Dioscoride, Galen and Pliny, who left us treated on medicinal plants and their precious use.
Galen (130-210 BC), for example, thoroughly studied the use of plants in therapy and contributed greatly to increasing the number of herbs that could be obtained from herbs; Preparations that still bear its name today.
While Dioscoride (I Century BC) collected in five books 500 plant monographs, classifying them according to their therapeutic activity and also reporting the possible sophistication and advice to find out. His works have remained an important reference for scholars until the sixteenth century.
Continuing through the centuries, the medieval period, when the monasteries were the guardians of culture in general and of medicine in particular, crossed, and in the internal gardens of the abbeys were cultivated medicinal plants.
Modern phytotherapy originates in the Renaissance with the birth of the first secular medical schools and universities (Salernitana Medical School, XI-XIIIth, Montpellier University, XIIth century).
In Paracelso, Medici, and Estensi there is a gradual departure from empirism in favor of a scientific examination. Thus comes to Carlo Linneo (1707-1778 AD), its systematic classification of plants and the establishment of rules for the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal herbs.
The tradition of a millennial wisdom, alongside modern scientific knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and rigorous controls applied to the entire production process, today represent the basics of phytotherapy, which uses plants and their extracts to create herbal formulations capable of Meet the most varied demands and a renewed need to rely on natural solutions, not to give up the pleasure of a unique wellness like nature.

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