Fennel confetti

Fennel is a typically Mediterranean plant, known and appreciated in ancient Rome for its aromatic properties. In fact, all its parts contain an essential oil with a particularly pleasant and intense aroma.

Erbamea proposes confectable fennel fruit, that is, coated with a thin layer of sugar, to avail themselves of their carminative properties and useful for digestive functions..

Ingredients: Ingredients: sugar, fennel fruits 20%, thickener: arabic gum (acacia gum).
They may contain traces of sesame, used in the production plant.

Candied ginger confetti

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is an original plant in Asia, now grown in all tropical areas. The part used is rhizome, spicy flavor and lemon, harvested when the plant reaches ten months of age. It has been used for thousands of years by Chinese Traditional Medicine, and even the Mattioli, a Sienese physician, already in the 1500's, recommended in his writings to add Ginger foods. Ginger is very used as a spice in the kitchen and as a flavor in the preparation of liquor and digestive drinks.

Erbamea proposes a new way to taste ginger: delicious confetti with inside candied ginger cubes, really delicious and just spicy.
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Ingredienti: Sugar, candied ginger (Ginger rhizome 30%, cane sugar) 33%, thickener: gum arabic.
They may contain traces of sesame, used in the production plant.

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