Multivitaminic efficacy for a complete psycho-physical well-being.

Vitamins are natural nutrients essential to maintain a proper psycho-physical balance and maintain a state of well-being. They are indispensable for life and growth and must be taken daily with foods because the human body, apart from a few exceptions, is not capable of producing them.
The term Vitamin "Life Amy" was coined by the Polish scientist Funk, who in the early 1900s identified the first of these vital compounds for humans. So far, other vitamins were identified, until they reached the 13 today known. In nature there is no food that contains all the vitamins, hence the importance of a varied and balanced diet. In fact, some types of vitamins are found in vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes, while others are contained in particular in animal foods such as meat, fish and cheeses, and their intake may become insufficient in the event of restrictions Dietary or special dietary choices such as vegetarians and vegans. Adding vitamins is a natural "strength" when it feels the need to support moments of greater mental effort or intense physical activity, even sporty, or for those who are no longer younger.
Erbamea's response to an ever-healthy body is a truly complete formula that contains 12 vitamins associated with Coenzyme Q10 and fruit extracts.

Multivitaminico Energy with Coenzyme Q10 - Vegetable Capsules

24 capsules in blister
Reccomended price 8,00 €

Contains VITAMINS that contribute: to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue (Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin, Folic acid, B6, B12), to the protection of cells from oxidative stress (Vitamin E), to the normal functioning of the nervous system (Thiamine, Biotin) and immune (Vitamin C) and maintenance of bone (Vitamin D) and normal vision (Vitamin A). The formula is enriched with COENZIMA Q10.
How to use: Take 1 capsule per day, for lunch or dinner.

Characteristic Ingredients Average values for recommended daily dose of 1 capsule
Vitamin A 800 µg (100% NRV)
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 3,3 mg (300% NRV)
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 4,2 mg (300% NRV)
Pantothenic Acid 18 mg (300% NRV)
Vitamin B6 4,2 mg (300% NRV)
Vitamin B12 7,5 µg (300% NRV)
Rosehip pseudofrutto dry extract (titrated to 70% in vitamin C / L-ascorbic acid)
Vitamin C
230 mg
160 mg (200% NRV)
Vitamin D 10 µg (200% NRV)
Vitamin E 24 mg (200% NRV)
Biotin 100 µg (200% NRV)
Niacin 48 mg (300% NRV)
Folic acid 200 µg (200% NRV)
Coenzyme Q10 20 mg
Concentrated fruit juices (cranberry, apple, orange, banana) 100 mg

NRV: daily nutrient reference values (adults) according to EU Regulation 1169/2011.

Supplements should not be considered as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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