Green Clay 100% natural finely powdered dust
Packaging: 1 kg bag - 500 g bag - 1 bag of 100 g

Clay is a natural product that accompanies man from remote times. It has been used over the centuries not only to build homes and to pack everyday objects, but also for the most diverse beauty treatments.
Clay is spoken in the Bible, in the Egyptian papyrus, in the ancient documents of India and China. It was very popular and demanded also among the Romans and the Greeks, who referred to it as the "land of Lemnos", from the name of the island that housed the quarries where it was believed that the Vulcan God had its forges.
Even today, clay is highly appreciated to meet the most diverse beauty needs, especially for facial and body applications.

Ingredients: Solum fullonum.
How to use: to rub the clay powder in cold or lukewarm water until it is homogeneous and not too liquid. Apply on the skin of your face or body and wait for the desired time. Rinse with water until full product removal.

Recommended prices:
• 1 kg bag € 16.50
• 500 g bag € 10.50
• 1 bag of 100 g € 2.60

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