Infusions in Pyramidal filter bags

Wild Berries, Peach Dream, Wild Cherry, Next to the Fireplace: four new proposals of Erbamea in filter bags, to prepare a different infusion each time and enjoy many tasty wellness breaks.
Four blends, with pieces of fruit, with an enveloping aroma, suitable for everyone and at any time of the day. Really good, they are perfect for every season: you can drink hot infusions all year round for pleasant relaxation, or cold ones to quench your thirst in the summer.

Index Fruit infusions

Ingredients: Karkadè (hibiscus flowers), raisins, elderberries 25.9%, flavors, black currant fruits 2.8%, blueberry fruits 1.4%.

Wild cherry
Ingredients: Karkadè (Hibiscus flowers), Rosehip berries 20.3%, Apple 19.4%, Raisins 13.6%, Black cherries 9.7%, flavors.

Peach dream
Ingredients: Apple, Pineapple (pineapple, sugar, acidifier: citric acid), Rosehip berries, Peach 9.7% (peach 9.6%, rice flour), flavors, Sunflower petals, Green tea leaves, Myrtle-Lemon (Backhousia citriodora) leaves.

Accanto al Camino
Ingredients: Apple 32.3%, Karkadè (Hibiscus flowers) 28.3%, Rosehip berries 22%, Almonds 6.3%, Cinnamon bark 5.2%, Rooibos sprigs, natural flavors, natural Vanilla extract 0 , 3%.

They may contain traces of Walnuts and Almonds.

The FILTER BAGS are COMPOSTABLE because they are made with biodegradable material derived from corn starch. Packs of 15 filter bags recommended retail price € 8.50

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