a gallery of natural masterpieces.

Every day, together with the help of remedies created by Ricerca Erbamea, everyone has the opportunity to get to know and make use of the precious qualities and effective virtues of plants. Their names and characteristics can become more and more familiar. In particular, by consulting the Erbamea site, it is possible to draw on a wealth of information describing the value and the properties of the finest phyto-therapeutic resources which the plant kingdom has put at our disposal. With this Phytogallery everyone has the chance to take a further step towards increasing their own knowledge: through the splendid photographs, the extensive photo-gallery allows you to discover more about each individual plant. Enchanting, because it is Nature itself that has planned, prepared and created these simple marvels. Every chart is a kind of identity card for each plant: next to the picture, there is the plant's scientific name, together with a translation in various foreign languages and even some names from folklore. From today it will be easier to find and recognize plants in the wild that perhaps up to now have only been known for their positive properties in a more general way. To put it another way, the pleasure of living well and finding out the beauties of Nature now come together in a unique opportunity of discovery.


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