I have always thought that plants are marvellous living beings. They capture the sun's shining luminous energy and turn it into chemical energy, creating thousands upon thousands of complex molecules, only a small part of which have we learned to use for our benefit. They are all around us everywhere on our planet: even in the heart of towns and cities, the "weeds" take every opportunity to grow. This photo gallery is the result of a passion that was born 30 years ago: a spontaneous interest that has led me not only to recognize and use the great benefits of plants, but also to collect their harmonious beauty, not least through the creation of this collection of photographic portraits. During many years of observation, I have had the good fortune to collect hundreds of images. A valuable record for my work, but not only. It is also a unique opportunity to share with those who wish to look more closely at the world of Nature; an opportunity that allows each of us to discover that many plants with healing qualities grow even along-side the roads we travel every day, or maybe even just outside our front door".

Fausto Mearelli


Ogni anno Erbamea srl offre il suo contributo all’ARONC, Associazione “Amici della Radioterapia Oncologica Onlus” Perugia,
finanziando borse di studio/lavoro in ambito radioterapico a favore di giovani ricercatori meritevoli.
Un sostegno per promuovere la cultura della prevenzione e garantire assistenza ai malati oncologici.

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